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Online Casino Etiquette: Similar yet more specific codes of conduct

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1. Once again, BE CONSIDERATE AND COURTEOUS to other players. All guidelines for etiquette procedures build from this obvious rule.

2. Know the rules of the game before you play: With online casinos, this is fairly easy because most sites offer the opportunity to initially play for free with fake money and, therefore, become familiar with the appropriate rules and procedures.

3. Maintain the speed of the game: Online casino games are often much faster, and thus more appealing to many players, than live games. Do your best to keep up with the speed of the game. Breaks and moments to think are normal, but you should avoid consistently slowing down the game as a courtesy to other players.

4. Don’t abuse the chat feature: Refrain from using profanity, criticising other players, or making poor jokes. Many people appreciate online casinos for their anonymous nature and if someone prefers to strictly play the game without any conversation, respect their choice. This also means refraining from using the chat feature to advertise business ventures, criticising the host-site, and/or discussing a hand in progress. Also, don’t use ALL CAPS – this implies that you’re yelling and can be easily misunderstood as impolite and inappropriate.

5. Inform the online operator if you and a friend or family member play from the same computer on different accounts or if you usually play from a particular location and then decide to change. If you and a friend or family member play from different computers but at the same location, avoid playing together at the same game.

6. Should you feel that a virtual gambler is not practicing good virtual casino etiquette, it is in the best interest of the game and everyone else to report the player as soon as possible.

7. Unless playing at a specifically designated foreign-language table, use only English when communicating. This not only helps to quell fears of collusion among players but also helps keep everyone on the same page as to what’s going on during the game.

8. Remember that even though online casino action lacks much of the protocol and etiquette of its physical counterpart (one of the reasons, in fact, that the online variety is so popular) this certainly doesn’t mean that anything goes. There remain certain rules which must be followed and respecting other players in terms of maintaining game speed and communicating appropriately ensures an enjoyable for everyone.

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