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‘Live’ Casino Etiquette: Certain Civilities and Expectations

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Welcome to the ‘etiquette’ section of our site. What follows is a brief guideline that should serve as a valuable introduction for newcomers to the casino experience while simultaneously providing seasoned-players with a ‘refresher’, or even update, concerning the type of behaviour expected from participants at casinos. Players new and old, more often than not through no fault of their own, may not be aware of many of the codes of conduct associated with live casino games or their online counterparts. Accordingly, the information below has been divided into 2 sections: one highlighting ‘etiquette’ expectations in physical casinos and the other focusing on guidelines for online games. Adhering to the ‘rules’ or ‘suggestions’ mentioned below not only facilitates an enjoyable casino experience for the players around you, but also protects you from making any unintentional errors that could be frowned upon by others and lessen your own enjoyment. With this in mind, we hope that you find this short summary helpful and its guidelines useful.

‘Live’ Casino Etiquette: Certain Civilities and Expectations

1. First and foremost, and serving as an ‘umbrella’ guideline for all the recommendations which follow, BE CONSIDERATE of your fellow players. Keeping this general concept in mind at all times should make many of the other etiquette issues appear obvious and generally easy to follow.

2. Tipping is a major aspect of live casino etiquette. Although not required, it’s important to keep in mind that at most casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City, dealers receive only minimum wage and rely on tips for much of their income. While tipping can’t affect the results of a game, many players regard tipping as a ‘donation’ or ‘contribution’ to their own ‘luck fund’.

3. With any table game, try your best to know the rules before playing. If you’re a beginner, this can be difficult but there’s nothing wrong with asking for advice so long as it’s done without impeding on the speed of the game. As long as the dealer or employee isn’t too busy they should be more than willing to answer your questions and if they’re not, or if they’re rude, you should move to another table or casino.

4. Blackjack: know the hit/stand signals for the table you’re playing; once you’ve placed a bet, don’t touch your chips until you get paid; don’t ask the dealer the identity of his/her hole card – asking for advice is ok, but not after the dealer has looked under his/her face/ace; depending on the game you’re playing, there’s usually no need to touch the cards at all and certainly not after the hand is over – dealers have a routine for collecting cards and your interference would only slow them down.

5. Slots/Video Poker: Stick to only one machine during busy periods and give other people a chance to play; be sure to mark your seat/spot when taking a break and respect these types of signals from other players as well.

6. Craps: Keep your hands off of the table and away from the dice as they’re thrown; if you are a ‘Don’t Pass bettor’, don’t yell out things like, ‘come on, seven’ – going against the majority of players is bad enough, but rooting against them and gloating after a win is poor taste and impolite.

7. Smoking: If you’re a smoker, make use of the ashtrays provided, respect those areas designated as ‘non-smoking’, and try your best to be respectful of other players at the table who may not appreciate smoke being blown directly in their face. If you’re a non-smoker, realize that casinos are very much a smoking environment and if this is intolerable for you, look for non-smoking areas instead of griping about smoke levels and/or criticising other players who are entitled to the smoking privileges afforded them by the casino.

8. At any table game, stack chips with the highest denomination on the bottom and the lowest on top. This makes it easier for the dealer to read your bet amount and also protects against cheats who may attempt to cap a bet with a large-denomination chip after the result.

9. At any game, resist the urge to give advice which hasn’t been asked for and may not be appreciated. Also, refrain from criticising other players or needlessly disturbing them with impolite behaviour.


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