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Roulette Tips & Strategies – Cracking Roulette?

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Hi everyone just a very short video, just letting you know and reminding everyone that roulette is a game and it was designed to be virtually impossible to beat it. So all those systems out there so-called that’s, you know going to make you profitable forever watch out. I’M just reminding you don’t buy, any systems only buy cheap ones, and I only do a few and they’re very, very, very cheap for 99, just just to give you ideas and no no systems.

I believe a concrete system there’s just so many ways and rule that that you can bit-bit and progression systems etc, but just remember the long over the long run. Eventually, you will lose. It doesn’t matter what system you have. Eventually, you will lose. There’S no system out there that will give you profit long-term. Now most people, you could there’s two frames of mind.

Some people would say: well, yes, that’s right. Other people say no. No, there is a way I found a way, but please believe me. You may win one day at the casino you may win the next day. You may win the next day and go Gees of hunt the holy grail and what happens the next day you lose and the next day you might win next day you lose.

So if you’re going to bet go to the Casinoslots online casinos you can treat it as a business, but really it is a hobby. Don’T expect to earn income a reliable income just from roulette, because one day you’re going to think you’re indestructible and the runs going to be fantastic and you bet more and more and then bang there. It is all weeks of work. Profits gone just like that. So you need to be strong.

Think of it as small wins, small term short term. I used to stay at the casino for hours and hours and son systems were fine that give you a little profit, but then you’ve got to work out. Well, what is my when you break it down?

What is my hourly rate? Is it actually worth it when the next day you could be back to square one? So again, I just wanted to point out that rule. It is a gamble. There is ways to minimize your losses, so your bankroll carries on for a substantial period of time, but you wouldn’t want to use the same system over and over and over again now, I believe the only Holy Grail to roulette is this using a combination of systems, Because, as you can see in some of the systems I put on the YouTube channel, they work short-term, but if you keep using them over and over, they will eventually fail. So don’t leave the casino and feel neglected and sad like this little puppy.

I want you to have a good experience, see it is fun. Depending on the system I mean some test systems take a little while to work. Yes, but what’s your bankroll bet? Small and any profit is a good profit and sometimes I’ll get comments left. That’S to tell me, I tried this and it failed straight away.

Yes, well, he can. I never said a system wouldn’t fail. Every system will fail. Eventually, you might be lucky for 9 at a time 9 out of 10 times, but the first time you might lose, but then you may we and win so you’ve got to be careful. So it’s up to you to decide what you can afford to lose, but I always say just to have any chance of small term success. You will need to have a reasonable bankroll with you and if it isn’t going your way to say you go with $ 500 and you get down to $ 300, you decide when, when you’re going to stop okay you’re going to stop at 50 % of lots Of your bankroll, are you going to divide your bank rolls into you know five lots of 100 if you’re, starting with 500 you’ve, got to determine that that is the key to minimizing your losses.

So few things there, if you do decide to take on roulette, remember the house, the house edge. Even if there’s one zero overtime, that’s small percentage, just over two percent will eventually get you. So the secret is, I believe, many systems, short-term mix them up and get the hell out of there, because the casinos want you to stay there. They love the players that sit there for hours and try their systems and they also like it. When people just go there put $ 20 on a random number and hopefully luck will go their way and that that’s when you do use luck, so the other key I’ll explain more in a future video is, I mean people do lots of scientific research and there’s There’S flaws in the roulette wheel and some people say: oh, they got magnets under there that could that could be the case in some countries, but usually they’re regulated and that there’s spot checks that happen, but for any chance to know that you’re getting a fair deal.

You know the rule, it isn’t rigged, go to a go to a live, casino and and just just watch the ones that are automatic, video screens that you’re watching I’m always a bit wary of those ones and just remember a percentage profit of what your bankroll. What you started with, if you start with $ 500 and you make $ 50 – that is a great profit, because that is that is 10 %. You will not get 10 % from the bank, so think of it. That way, even though it doesn’t sound a lot of your bankroll 10 % is very good. Don’T expect to double your money it you can do it with some systems, but not on a regular basis, so stick to a percentage, profit ratio, 10 % or less even 5 % – and you will walk away a winner. There’S lots I could go on about, but this was a just, a quick video just explaining to you that there are systems out there B, where you don’t don’t pay any more than fifty to a hundred dollars at all for a so-called system, because the ones stating That they’re thousands of dollars doesn’t mean they’re any better than the ones.

I give you because I’ve got five or six great ones at the moment that I’ll share with you that look at repeating numbers and sleepers, which is really numbers that don’t hit for a certain number of spins. So lots of good stuff to share. And thanks for watching and I’ll see you in more future videos.

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